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Wayne, July 2021

'' This is the perfect site with up to date and relevant material to help anyone studying for DET. I have had the best service regarding site resources (which are incredibly well set out and informative) and I would recommend Dominic Hines to all who wish to begin teacher training. I look forward to continued study and I am sure I will be a frequent visitor to this site. Thanks again.''

Azra, May 2019

'' OMG, the best. Dominic Hines are extremely supportive! I was just browsing online and found this website and email them they replied straight away and support was given to me before the deadline. I would say they were an absolute lifesaver!''

Peter, March 2020

'' I literally stumbled on your website. What a joy that a site like yours existed for someone like me looking for support for my DET programme. Coming from a science background, essay writing is not my strong area and I needed help on how to articulate my work as a teacher which is what I hope the materials will help me to do.'' 

Ahmed, June 2020

'' Valuable information, and focused website.''

Nada, Sep 2018

''Valuable information, and a focused website. It helped me a lot with my assignment as I was struggling. Dominic Hines are very supportive. With a background in Media, I am more of a practical person than a theoretical person. Joining the DET program was a challenge, but using the Dominic Hines website, has helped me understand my assignments better.''

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