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What is QTLS?

QTLS or qualified teaching and learning skills is a status given to teachers who have gone through the SET professional formation process. Once gained, it allows you to teach in schools in England and is on par with QTS. You can watch the video from SET to find out more. 

QTLS Structure


Essentially, to gain QTLS status you must evidence a number of fundamental teaching skills and best practice over the course of an academic window to gain full membership. Once you have provided evidence of your in classroom teaching via the SET online learning platform a decision will be made as to whether or not you have been successful. In order to register, you must achieve a Level 5 teaching qualification and be competent in both Maths and English at Level 2  as a minimum. 




Support for teachers


Via the SET website, there are a number of resources to help you get started on your professional formation journey. You will also find some very helpful guides on our website. For further support please use the contact page to get in touch. The leaflet provided by SET is very useful in explaining the overall benefits professional QTLS formation brings and is available in the resources section below. 




  • Increased job opportunity 

  • Equivalent to QTS 

  • Higher earning potential

  • The ability to take on cover teaching work

  • Enhanced career development

  • Self-led development through professional self-reflection 


Our opinion


If you are working as a teacher in an FE setting and want to improve your career/earning potential then QTLS is certainly the direction you should be heading as the demand for competent teaching professionals increases. 


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