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DET Unit 1: Learning Outcome 3

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to apply theories of behaviour management to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive teaching and learning environment

3.1 - Analyse theories of behaviour management

Why is behaviour management so important?

Because getting to grips with behaviour management strategies and theories is one of the most critical strategies you can master as a teacher. It isn’t just theoretical teaching philosophy; it has classroom implications if you struggle to get it right.

So What?

Effective classroom management really does help student engagement and student achievement, without it, lessons don't always flow so well as you have probably experienced during your own teaching practice. You may find the lessons in which you cannot manage your class it becomes difficult to achieve your LOs for that session.

Remember, you’re not there to punish, but to create a learning environment that works for every single person in the class, despite their individual student ability or background. So without meaningful classroom management, you could be letting a portion of your students down by denying them the best conditions to learn in.

So How?

The aim here is not a group of students sat quietly, but a class where lively and respectful conversations are possible, open conversations are promoted in a respectful way between both students and teacher. If you are finding it difficult to manage a class try the following:

  1. Give the class your full attention at all times and be very well prepared, students pick up on teachers who are not prepared and in turn decide not to tune in as they feel there is no need.

  2. Open up to your class in relation to your likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, what makes you human, connect with your class on their level in a way that is still professional but engaging.

  3. Switch things up, let your students become the teachers for the day. Seriously, let them lead the learning. You will be surprised how much of the class stay focused to watch their peers teach a subject.

Watch these videos for more theory and ideas.

Video 1

Video 2

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