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3 ways to promote inclusive learning in your classroom

Inclusive learning to me is about embracing difference within the classroom whilst empowering students from diverse backgrounds to be involved with what they learn in a manner that relates to their beliefs, outlooks and cultural make-up.

When planning for inclusivity in the classroom I have found the following to be helpful.

1 - Authentic classroom material

Think about the material you use in class to teach your students. Does this material reflect the diverse opinions and views on the topic at hand or is it one-sided? There are lots of materials out there but you need to incorporate historical views on the topic that build up a fair picture of events. Ask yourself whether your material is biased to one particular view or account. The more you can present material that offers different perspective the more likely your students will embrace difference in their learning, views, thoughts and opinions.

2 - Define inclusviity with your learners

Spend a session with your learners and get them to devise their meaning on what inclusivity means. This allows students to reflect on the topic and debate it constructively. They can discuss what they would like to see concerning their learning and how it reflects their uniqueness as diverse learners. Don't forget to capture their views and opinions. You could set your students up into groups and ask them to create an inclusivity board which is essentially a spide diagram depicting their meanings on the topic.

3 - Establish a class-leader forum

If you are teaching across multiple groups of students, establish a forum of feedback in which the class picks out a class leader. This could be a responsible student that is looked up to in class and is seen as a natural leader amongst /her peers. Every month sit down with your class leaders and discuss any issues or concerns the class may have about their learning journey. The class-leader acts as a representative for the class gathering feedback from his/her constituents. By doing this, you provide an easy route for your students to express themselves through the safety of a friend. Don't forget to minute your class-leader forum meetings and share student opinions without other teachers and educational leadership.

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