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Construction Worker

Explore our range of NEBOSH learning materials to help you pass NGC1 & FC1

Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is a growing field and becoming ever more important in regards to career development for workers in the UK and abroad.


With approximately 80 work-related deaths in 2019, workplace health and safety is a serious issue.


A lot of the accidents could have been avoided with better education, training and review of current risk assessments.


Common reasons for the deaths were caused by falls from height, moving vehicles or falling objects and with many more serious injuries also being recorded. 

Below you will find links to resources and videos to aid you in your revision to pass the NEBOSH exams. 

NGC 1 & 2 Resources

A Port Worker


Element 1 - Foundations in Health and Safety

Element 2 - Health and Safety Management Systems


Element 1 - Workplace hazards and risk control

Element 2 - Transport hazards and risk control

Element 3 - Muscokeletal hazards and risk control

Element 7 - Chemical and biological hazards and risk control 

FC1 Resources



Element 1 - Managing Fire Safety 

Element 2 - Principles of Fire and Explosion

Element 3 - Causes and prevention of fires and explosions

Element 4 - Fire protection in buildings


Element 5 - Safety of people in the event of a fire


Element 6 - Fire safety risk assessment