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Using Edmodo in the Classroom

Why use Edmodo?


Using Edmodo in the classroom can be a great way to engage learners through the use of blended learning. Edmodo is a virtual learning environment that allows teachers and learners to connect, post, assess and assign educational material.  Edmodo has 4 functional elements that create a virtual learning experience through polls, quizzes, posts and an online library. More importantly, Edmodo is free to use, making this a very accessible way to begin embedding technology into your current teaching practice. Edmodo is downloadable as an app on both Android and Apple-based smartphones so learners can stay up to date with work and assignment deadlines.


My Personal Experience 


Through my use of Edmodo over the last 4 years I have been able to create ample online classrooms which allow me to track and monitor students whilst at the same time recycle materials for future learning use age. Students also have an online backpack in which they can store their digital work. One of the most valuable tools included in the Edmodo suite is the progress tracking tool that allows you to visually see who has and hasn't submitted their work on time. Edmodo will also average the scores of assessed work giving you a continuous assessment score for your learners. 


Online Collaboration 


Furthermore, Edmodo can be used as a powerful online collaboration tool that facilitates the sharing of learning materials across teachers. An example of this would be creating a quiz or an assignment and then posting this to a co-teacher of the same college. Edmodo further boasts an open platform via the home page for sharing, posting and discussing topics with educationists worldwide. Edmodo's features do not stop, further integration with educational apps is also possible through the Apps section which allows you to enhance further e-learning tools and gadgets. Edmodo can also be integrated with your Google Account, Google Drive and Microsoft Office. 


Example: Setting up a Classroom

Platfrom Examples

Classroom homepage

Poll Tool

Assignment Tool

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