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NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management - FC1 E3

Element 3: Causes and prevention of fires and explosions

Adult Students

1. Common fire hazards in the work place

1. Waste 

  • The build-up of waste can provide the fuel fire needs especially when exposed to sources of ignition.

  • Dispose of all waste regularly in a place fire away from the premised being managed. 

2. Flammable Liquids

  • Flammable liquids should be stored correctly in line with their safety data sheets out of the way from sources of heat and ignition.

  • Any spills of these liquids should be cleaned up straight away.  

3. Smoking

  • Smoking in undesignated areas can be a fire risk when cigarettes are disposed of properly and come into contact with combustible waste or materials. 

4. Overloading power sockets

  • The overloading of plug sockets to charge or power electronic items can cause ignition and lead to a fire.

  • Look out for overheating, poor cabling and too many appliances plugged in at once. 

5. Dust build-up

  • The presence of dust in the workplace can cause a fire hazard where adequate ventilation is not present. 

  • Regular cleaning should take place to ensure dust from woodwork, flours, powders or other fine particles are disposed of.  

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