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Hello and welcome to our website. The site is aimed at helping aspiring teachers complete the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. Please click the resources tab above to find unit based papers for the DET qualification.

The DET qualification is extremely helpful in preparing you for teaching in the FE sector or Secondary Education and on completion you can apply to undertake the QTLS professional formation.


We've found the best way to pass the course is to use your in-class experiences to form self-reflection based essays that link to current educational theory. The resources section of the website has self-reflection based essays available to purchase that offer guidance on how to structure your own essays when completing the course. 


How they can help

To aid and facilitate your learning we have broken down our resources into the 4 core unit categories and linked them to the relevant assessment criteria you will have to meet in order to gain the necessary credits to pass the course. The essays will provide you with a structure to follow as well as unique teaching ideas suited to modern-day teaching delivery with reflection on practice and connection to theory.


Reading list


To complete the theory related part of the qualification it is useful to have 3 or 4 main books to use as references. Don't overburden yourself with an extensive reading list when a handful of powerful collections can help you in any of the core units. The following 4 books will prove extremely helpful: 


1 - A Complete Guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (Further Education) Paperback – 24 Jun 2016

2 - Teaching Today A Practical Guide Fifth Edition Paperback – 20 Nov 2014

3 - Learning Theories Simplified: ...and how to apply them to teaching Paperback – 30 Oct 2015

4 - The City & Guilds Practical Guide to Quality Assurance (Vocational)Paperback – 9 Oct 2012 




The best way to construct your essay/s is by reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings during class. Take time to write down what worked well with learners and what didn't gain the response you anticipated. These points of reflection are often a great way to start your essay and set the scene for the reader. Over time, you will begin to connect the current theory you are reading with the practical activities that are taking place in the classroom. Reflection is about looking inwardly to help evolve your current practice into best practice. 


Inclusive Learning 


Inclusive learning is a reoccurring theme you will come across when studying the DET qualification. The topic is underpinned by a number of questions that will ask you to reflect on how you meet the myriad of needs learners bring with them to class. In a nutshell, inclusive learning or an inclusive approach to learning is about recognising learners as individuals whom all possess different wants, needs and reasons for learning. When taking an inclusive approach to your delivery you need to address how your planning meets the cultural needs and educational experiences of your learners, you will also need to assess whether the content you deliver allows every learner the best possible chance of success.  

The resources provided by us will ensure you pass the DET qualification and better yet we have now created 3 exclusive DET Bundles to provide you with the resources you need at a better price.  

Sign up now and gain access to the following Ebooks and Study Notes:

1 - The Power of Blended Learning.

2 - What is Vocational Education?

3 - A Simple Guide to Inclusive Education. 

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